1 - The Magician

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©Psychic Jucy aka Abella Arthur
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Keywords & Phrases

I. Do this.  As above, so below. I’m holding the power to do good but I can do bad too.  I enjoy playing dress-up.  Being connected to earth is magical.  I have sexual power and charm.  Expansive knowledge. My mind is everlasting, beyond time and space. I have all the tools to get the job done.  There is good and bad in everything.  What comes up, must come down.  Joy is for the taking.  I’m ready to make a move, watch me.  Now you see me, now you don’t.   I’m hot and you know it.  You will do as I say.  Hypnotic. A graduate ready to prove that he has learned well.  The question is:  What do *I* want?  and How are you going to give it to me? Being of service to self. Self-knowledge.


A sprite young man, whom intellect is important, is holding a tightly wound scroll (like a certification, spell signfying his own work) pointing towards the sky in his right hand while his left hand points towards the ground. Dressed in loose robes of white and red he has charmed a snake to form a belt around his waist while a lemniscate hovers above his head.  This youth shows incredible prowess yet upon closer inspection we can see that not only is the table and tools in front larger than him but he’s swimming in his clothes too.  This represents protection and distance until he gains enough confidence, growth, and power to stand, think, and feel without any accoutrements.


Zodiac & numerology

Polarity:  Mercury, Gemini. Jupiter, Sagittarius. Under some influence of the Sun, Leo & the Moon, Cancer.  Numerology, 1.  Self, innovation, intention, innovation, independence.

Timeline, Age, Role

15-19 Passed high school.  Hasn’t left the support of caregivers yet.  Learning to assert independence.[/spoiler]

©Psychic Jasper aka Ryan Arthur
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Keywords & Phrases:

To be free is to be grounded. Secure. Confident. Understanding emotions. Generating wealth. Analyzing the situation. Guardian of the Infinite. Bountiful knowledge and wisdom.


Sure of himself and his actions, a young man experiments with the hearts and minds of people. Through his actions he manifests confidence, maturity and perseverance. His drapings are that of a scholar of action, thought and patience. He is mindful of his surroundings, and calm during the strongest storms. He is The Magician.

Now Your Turn to Reply :)


Card Prompts

In tarot, there is no right or wrong just difference. Allow yourself to write your impressions without worrying about whether you are right or not. You will soon find your impressions being bang-on.

1.Who, what, why, when, where, and how?
2.What do you see?
3.What sticks out first?
4.There’s a story or allegory in every picture card. What is the story telling you?
5.What is the symbolism of colour and object in the picture?
6.Who are the people in the card? Why are they there? What are they doing?
7.What is the message of the card?
8.Where is the scene taking place?
9.When will it happen?

Describe the card, add some keywords or phrases to your replyLet us know what you think the card means, what it’s all about.  It’s your interpretation of the tarot card meaning and if your interpretation is sincere it will be Accurate, Right, and True.  You can not go wrong!

Remember to include your experience with tarot and your correct email address (it won’t be published).  You can post as many times as you like AND edit your reply in case a mistake was made, want to add to your post, etc.. so it doesn’t have to be perfect now!! Anyway, tarot is ever evolving, ever-changing… Thanks. :)

About Your Tarot Card Meanings Guide

A warm welcome to you! My name is Psychic Jucy, a certified professional tarot reader CPTR under the name Abella Arthur. I fell in love with Tarot in 1996 and I come from a long line of readers. Since 2005, I have read tarot professionally. Unless reading at an event or party, I give readings by phone. I find this is convenient for my clients and it's a pure and accurate read. What I do in the world of all things divine.. I read by phone. I'm well skilled in tarot, astrology, and numerology. I also read at events. Visit my main consultation page: Readings By Phone, FAQ, and Subscribe for a FREE reading.

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  • Roxannemuir says:

    tapping it to your inner magic, and getting things accomplished, seeing the world optimistically and all the gifts it has to offer

  • Hi Laura, Are you using the card in the blog post or another deck. If using another deck, which one? :)

  • Gravity90 says:

    1 The Magician,> I see yellow good this to come. Red and white, a strong man that ready for> what to come. He holding on to the one true love in his hand. the flower> tell me it a women. The finger 8 mean that he going over and over and> taking ever step.>>

    From Annette .

  • Ryan Arthur says:

    The magician is trying to wake you up. He is awake and aware of the infinite within him. He is trying his best to do the same in you. His tricks are there to distract you, from yourself, and bring you into the here now. He is pointing down at the ground and up at the sky with a rod, bringing back into the here on earth and into the now that which is god or heaven. He does the supernatural, he makes the non believer a believer. He is the medium through which the alchemical process of healing takes place. His ways are unknown but they are believed to be true–and in that belief, miracles happen. And the magicians secret was that it was you all along, but he will let you think that it was him, because how else would he keep his title as The Magician?

  • Mytwice says:

    He is skilled and he is manipulative. He creates with magic and make-believe but not with real action.

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