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Up until this time, I have done 9 major arcana tarot cards. I found this one the hardest to write up because there’s so much going on. There are so many esoteric symbols contained within.

Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

An unknown fate or outcome. Divine intervention. What goes up, must come down. You can make things be whatever you want by dreaming it up, communicating it, and making it happen. The cosmos are here for you, through challenge and blessing. Balancing and integrating all that there is. Taking a chance. 50/50 outcome. Luck is in the air. Gambling. Riddles and puzzles. Games people play. Risk-taking. What will be your fate? Misdirecting. False optimism. Wishing for the fates to turn in your favour. Hope turns sour. Spinning one’s wheels. Taking a chance. Cockiness. Uncertainty. Not thinking things through. Letting one’s beliefs direct us. Being impractical and irresponsible. Focusing on the big picture instead of the details. Over or under estimating. Unreliable and undependable. Exaggerated success. An unexpected trip.  A fruitful trip. Fertility and growth. Not knowing the facts before going forth. Potential gossip. As the wind blows. Sudden and surprising movement and change. Making use of all magical power, ancient wisdom, and heavenly gifts to succeed in life. Past (Anubis – the mysteries of death and reincarnation), present (Sphinx of knowledge, door to what’s hidden — the future), future (snake – the mysteries of life & reincarnation). The cycle of life and reincarnation. Beginnings and endings. Immortality. Messages to and from the underworld (other side). What will be said or written? Infinity and beyond. Meditation.


Four Corners

Each corner of the card contains clouds and yellow winged figures attached to a blank book. Top left– human figure (Fixed air sign, Aquarius), top right — bird figure (Fixed water sign – Scorpio), bottom left — bull (Fixed earth sign, Taurus), bottom right — lion (Fixed fire sign – Leo). The books are blank because the fates have not yet been written.

The Wheel

The wheel and whole card are packed with symbolism and pattern. It is also rich with religious and heavenly symbolism.

Here we have an orange (signifying optimism, friendliness, and action) wheel in the center with letters and symbols inside.

Inside the wheel, we have the letters T A R O or T O R A (Hebrew Bible — Torah, Tora-h) and R O T A (latin, for wheel), the Hebrew letters forming the tetragrammaton of YHVH (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh which is the unsaid name of G-d). YHVH connects to the cardinal signs of Y = Capricorn (North, Up) H = Libra V (East, Right) V = Cancer (South, Down) and H = Aries (West, Left). The Hebrew letters are read right to left yet the wheel seems to turn in the direction of left to right.

Also contained inside a second wheel are the alchemical symbols and mutable signs of mercury (air, Gemini), sulfur (fire, Sagittarius), water (Pisces), and salt (earth, Virgo). At this point ALL signs and elements are contained in this card.

Around the wheel we have three figurines: A sphinx holding a sword, a snake, and Anubis. All these figures represent hidden wisdom. The sphinx guards the secrets, mystery, and knowledge of the underworld. The snake gives us foresight. The Anubis lets us know what will happen if we go too far.

Four of Everything & The Wheel

Although this card is numbered 10, four is an important number as it represents “four kabbalistic worlds of creation, the four elements [water, fire, earth, & air], [the four seasons - Sprint, Summer, Autumn, and Winter], the four cardinal archangels [Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael], and the four cardinal directions”, four suits, four tools (cups, stick, coin, and sword), primitive man on all fours, and so on.

The 4 rods pointing at each Hebrew & English letter represent: Points, cardinal points, direction, sections of life. The inner circle represent earth and the 4 elements. We could say this is similar to a “natal” wheel and like a Solar Return!

Wheel of Fortune Game Show

When I contemplate the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card and the Wheel of Fortune game show, it feels quite sci-fi. No wonder this game resonated / resonates so much in the collective mind. And since Jupiter, the ruler of this card has to do with luck, prosperity, and divine intervention it’s perfect to use the symbol in a game show.

In fact, any wheel with inner circles will subconsciously suggest a sense of uncertainty and the unknown, that things can go whichever the wind blows. At the same time hope and excitement are HIGH.



Wheels of Life



The Wheel of Life (Srid pahi hkhor lo) / The Wheel of Transmigration

Native American Spirituality Medicine Wheel

Colour Wheel

This wheel is from the Color Wheel Company. It can be purchased at most, if not all, art supply stores as well as on their website. And there is more information on the back of the wheel as well.  The wheel supplies information on how to mix colors.

As with the Wheel of Fortune, you can take your time and learn what you need to know before being foolhardy or you can take a chance and hope that any mistake, movement, or choice ends up being a success.

The image below is from this website.


The Color Wheel of Life And Crystals


Contemplate Possible Esoteric Connections

Michael – Sunday (The Sun) – Fire – Spring

Gabriel – Monday (The Moon) – Water – Summer

Raphael – Tuesday (Mercury) – Air – Winter

Uriel – Wednesday? (Mars?) – Earth – Autumn

Letter Hebrew
Element Direction Tarot suit Mode
Y Yod Fire East Wands Cardinal
H Heh Water West Cups Mutable
V Vau Air South Swords Fixed
H Heh Earth North Pentacles Mutable


One Last Hope, 777

Wheel of Fortune Game Show

The Zodiac

Zodiac Planet: Jupiter Polarity: Jupiter Sagittarius Opposite Mercury / Uranus Gemini. Includes Sun, Virgo, Neptune, and Pisces.

Polarity of Jupiter-Mercury: Optimism. Expression. Spirituality. Luck. Expansion. Winning, Sudden Hope. Spiritual Communication. Compulsive Risk.


10. The End and the Beginning. Magic. Public Recognition. Power. Independence. Perfection. Achievement. Completion. Innovation. Difference. Endings. Beginnings. Recognition

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role

Ageless, Casino, Divine Intervention

About Snakes


©Psychic Jasper aka Ryan Arthur

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Keywords & Phrases:





The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

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