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Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

Right use of power. Communication about right and wrong, philosophy, compassion, mercy, and fairness. An iron fist in a velvet glove. Fair and forceful resolution of legal cases and arguments. Finding common ground within diversity. Mediating conflict. Finding structure in chaos. Being fair and honest.  Social etiquette and consequence. Being impartial.  Not letting one’s emotions rule while not letting logic rule either.  Finding a middle ground, a middle path to resolving conflict or making a decision. Practical and reasonable advice given. A legal case with a fair outcome. Karma delivered and dealt.  Being absolved. Tension. Love and War.  A mirror effect.  Figuring out what is projected and what is true. Which side is right?  If falsified information is found, the penalty will be severe and swift. Cultural, philosophical, and religious differences being sorted out.  A way to start over with clean the slate. Contractual obligations.  Marriage.  Business partnerships.  Letters of agreement being drawn up.

Description & Interpretation

An androgynous figure with blond shoulder length hair, big eyes (signifying being open, observant, and welcoming), and a serene yet emotionless facial expression is dressed in a red (passion, aggression, anger) robe with a green (greed, avarice, money, wealth) shawl.

The colours signify having the knowledge and understanding of how feelings can affect what is right or wrong so the figure wears these colors to remind themselves and others that they are only human and can make mistakes too as well as a remind to keep negative and strong feelings in-check as it clouds good judgement.

Their left white shoe (signifying pure intent) pokes out under their robes. The figure wears a three-pointed gold crown suggesting there are three sides to every story:  Your truth, the other truth, and the truth. Justice harmonizes the whole truth and delivers a neutralized judgment.

The square symbol in the middle of the crown (representing Saturn *earthly matters* exalted or rather worked through Libra *the mind*) lets us know that the final truth is the judgement of the figure alone and they will take into account both sides of the story while adding in their own take on things.  There’s also a white square brooch with red circle inside connecting the shawl and placed at the heart chakra.  This indicates what comes around, goes around within the laws of society and that the figure will use compassion and show mercy as it fits the situation. And the square and circle also reminds me of the Japanese flag.  In astrology Japan is ruled by Mars / Aries which is the opposite ruler of this card yet the card embodies both Venus and Mars together.

In the left hand, the figure strongly holds a sword and in the right hand, the figure softly holds a scale which is empty and perfectly balanced.

The Sword represents the logical mind (left side).  This mind is a powerful one that cuts through all that is not solid.  It cuts through the fluff to find the truth and it does it in a strong way.

The Scale represents the intuitive mind (right side.  The scale connects to the ancient Egyptian practice of weighing the heart (soul) against the feather to decide whether the person is true and worthy, and deserves to have safe passage through the underworld to paradise. The scale is also connected to karma — getting one’s just desserts.

Maat was the “concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice” [*] and also a Goddess. She weighed the heart against her feather of truth.  Her counterpart is Thoth, the God of wisdom, science, writing, and art.

If we were to draw a line from one wrist to the other, we would find a straight horizontal line. We begin to see that much is subtly balanced and essentially in ‘symmetry’ in this card such as the two columns on either side of the figure. Behind the figure we have a mauve curtain draped between the columns suggesting to me that justice is an art that is often subjective and draws from archetypes that are held within the collective conscious of the people’s minds.  Therefore justice is regional, cultural, and based on what society (or the highest minds) deem as right and wrong.

One final note.  Justice is mostly ruled by Venus / Libra.  With that, the figure displays itself as androgynous (embodying male and female) but the figure is most likely female.



Zodiac Signs & Polarity: Venus Libra Opposite Mars Aries / Scorpio. 7th house opposite 1st. Includes themes of Jupiter, Sagittarius, Mercury, Uranus, Gemini, Neptune, Pisces, and Scorpio / Pluto.

Polarity of Libra-Aries themes of co-operation, independent action, quick judgment, iron fist in a velvet glove.


11. Balance, wisdom, volunteerism, spiritual visionary, harmony, negotiation, mediation, and peace.

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role


Quote taken from Wikipedia about Maat.

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Keywords & Phrases:





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Timeline, Age, Role

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