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Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

Nature. Being outdoors. Communing with nature. Testing the waters. Creating harmony. Power to manifest, make, and do magic. Prosperity. Synthesis. Bringing in everything that you can to make a BIG SPLASH. Blending the old with the new to innovate and create something else.  A derivative. Positive and uplifting growth. Freedom of expression. Breaking free from tradition. Optimistic change. The Divine Alchemist. Hope.  Knowledge. Diversity.  The Melting Pot. Free-spirit. Divine Love. Stimulation.  Increases flow and production of liquid. 25th wedding anniversary. Luminosity. Brightness. Finding the warm between Hot & Cold. Divine insight. Inter-racial.  Inter-cultural. Balance. Being steady. Surgery. Careful and delicate. The heart, blood, and circulation. A card signifying health. Oil and water blended, if only for a moment. Jumping from one thing to another without taking the time to “smell the roses”. You get everything you want if you are flexible. 50%. Receiving half of what you want and half of what you need. In the middle. Self-control. Going up! Having distance. Back to basics. There’s three sides to a story: Yours, theirs, and the truth. Holding ground in a shaky situation. Delayed gratification until work is completed. Deformity healed.

Description & Analysis


An angel dressed in a white garment with blond curly hair and a diadem containing a disk that appears like the symbol of the Sun or Vayu (with a dot in the middle) representing Sagittarius on their forehead. The angel has one foot in a pool of water and one foot on the grass, at the edge. The foot in the water seems to have its baby two merge with another, showing 4 separate toes, in total. The angel’s wings are red and white and signify blood, the heart, and passion.

Magical Symbology

On the front of the garment, at heart-level, there is a white square with a yellow-orange triangle inside. This looks like a magical tatwa. And the tatwa I have in mind is called Prithivi-Tejas. The triangle symbol (tejas) represents fire; a masculine and active energy and the square represents earth. Note that the colours are different from what is generally known to be the colors for this tatwa (red triangle, yellow square).

Avia Venefica states, “The symbolic idea [of the triangle], is that the vertical side represents one aspect, the horizontal side another aspect and the hypotenuse is offspring of the combining sides. The combination of one and another produces a new form of being altogether (a child, as it were).” In Alesiter Crowley’s Thoth deck, this card is aptly named Art! And in the book of Thoth, he writes about this tatwa ““Mountains — violent pressure (due to gravitation).”


To the right of the angel we see two yellow Iris’.  Yellow Flag Iris symbolizes “hope, faith, wisdom and promise in love, but when singled out by color, the yellow iris is meant to convey passion” and The word or name Iris, in Greek, means rainbow. The blades connected to the Iris are overgrown and overshadow the flower. Two often means partnership or union.  Two of these flowers represents that sentiment.

Iris can be remontant. Early May to early June and some varieties have been known to bloom again starting from early July to early August. So if you are seeking timing in the card it’s likely during this time. September to early December in areas such as the South Temperate Zone and Antarctic.

The plant is slowly spread and easily contained. It is spread by the wind and water. The wind catches the seed and blows it into the water and the water carries it downstream to its new home.   Yellow flag iris lives along stream beds, near ponds, and in marshes. (Source “Wildflowers.” . National Wildlife Federation. 3/10/04).

More about the flower.

Mixing it Up

Then we have the angel holding two cups with the angel flowing the water to and from each other.  Above and below.  This reminds me of the Magician’s card except Temperance seems to want to find a ‘middle ground’ and create a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’.  The symbol for Sagittarius is half man, half horse which results into a centaur. Another reminder of the mixing of two unrelated elements to make something new.

Road, Mountains, & Sun

In the background we see the shine from the Sun between mountains and a path through rough terrain ends at the pond.  The furthest mountains may be snow capped as well.  Cold in the back, warm and fresh in the front. This path may lead to a kingdom.


Virtue: Temperance

Mixing wine with water.

Temperance is one of the four cardinal virtues.

The picture of the statue to the left shows a woman diluting wine with water.

In Buddhism, temperance is an essential part of the Eightfold Path. The third and fifth of the five precepts (pañca-sila) reflect values of temperance: “misconduct concerning sense pleasures” and drunkenness are to be avoided.[3]

This statement is a doorway into The devil card which, at first glance is about “sense pleasures”, “drunkennes”, addicitions, and excess.

Temperance is also key 14 and that translates to 5 in numerology. Five is half of ten.  In the middle.


The first thing I thought of was ‘communication’ when I viewed this card with the intent of describing its essence. It know makes sense. This card is energized by Aquarius (the water bearer) and Libra (balance). These signs are both air signs and relate to communication in various ways. Pisces also finds itself in this card as Aquarius feeds Pisces all of its emotions. These two signs work well together to synthesize emotions and thought with fire (Temperance) being the result.

Exploring the Tatwa & Royal Connection

It’s said that Prithivi-Tejas is connected to King of Pentacles (Earth) and in the background left of this card we see a crown-like emanation and the angel is also wearing, what appears-to-be, a crown. And in Crowley’s Thoth, Fire of Earth (the Tatwa that is shown on the garment of the angel) is connected to the Knight of Pentacles. The flower in this card is also connected to royalty such as the French monarchy and is used in French heraldy as the stylized Fleur-de-lis.

It may be ”at one and the same time, political, dynastic, artistic, emblematic, and symbolic”, especially in heraldry.[4].  According to French historian Georges Duby, the three leaves represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed.[5] Source.

Is the Temperance heading there or coming from there? Is Temperance the magical element that manifests the Knight / King of Pentacles wealth and riches (whether that be material or spiritual)?

While Sagittarius is a fire sign, it loves to roam and discover what is on earth.  Therefore, it’s not odd that the triangle (fire) is shown contained within the bounds of earth or rather its interest is to explore all of earth without bounds. Vayu-Tejas is connected to Sagitarius whereas Prithivi-Tejas is connected to Leo. Tejas means fire; Pithivi means earth, and Vayu means wind or spirit (air). In this card, all elements are at play.

“Tejas-tattwa, the fifth cosmic element, means ‘fire,’ the brilliant, the glowing, the burning, the dazzling fire.” Source

More about the tattvic tejas & Truth About Tattwas.


We could say that this card carries off from the Death Card.  Perhaps the water we see on the other side in the Death card is associated with the water in the Temperance card. As well, in the Death card the Sun sets whereas in the Temperance card, it is rising.  “Anne Lombard-Jourdan[16] traces the fleur-de-lis to a transformation of the Merovingian crista, a symbol evoking the rising sun (word derived from crescere, “to grow”, alluding to the newborn Sun).”

One foot in and one foot out reminds me of the Star card ruled by Aquarius.

The Zodiac

Zodiac Sign : Polarity: Jupiter Sagittarius Opposite Gemini Mercury (reverals). Has Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, and Leo themes contained. Polarity of Sagittarius – Gemini themes of change, adaptability, information, inspiration, and show and tell.

France-Libra ~ Sagittarius- Provence in France

The 9th house. Philosophy, Religion, Long-distance Travel, Culture, Higher Education, Law, and Publishing.


14. 1+4=5. = Communication, travel, writing, bohemian teaching, movement, change, quirky, versatility.

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role

What Others Say

The meaning of the triangle | Wikipedia

Paul Horn

Inside The Taj Mahal, Vol.1 — Mahabhutas (Elements): Prithivi (Earth)/Apas (Water)/Vayu (Air)/Akasha: Prithivi:: Earth / Apas:: Water / Vayu:: Air / Akasha:: Space / Tejas:: Fire

Inside the Pyramids


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The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

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