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Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

Crazy. Ignorant. Chained to materialism. Being treated like a child. Irresponsibility causes one to be locked up. Being in the dark. Work and drudgery.  Chained to our job.  Stuck in a rut. Lack of control.  Long life. Lack of impulse control. Being dominated. Manipulation. Evil. Excess. Sexual taboos. S & M. Bondage. Dark love. The South node (astrology). Slavery. Taking in the resources (money, abilities, etc.) from the labors of others. Sin. Sex outside of marriage. Spiritually or karmically bound. I’m the result of my Mother and Father. The results of being the creation of my Mother and Father. Drug addictions.  Sex addictions.  Addictions of any physical kind. Responsible. Responsibility taken. The mob.  The family.  A family person.  Wanting one’s family kept close. Fanaticism. Cults. Rising to the top with the help of others. Pledging allegiance. Corruption. Capitalism. Forced Resolution. A Dictatorship. Magical.  Magic. Choosing one’s own religion. Spiritual in one’s own way. Taking one’s own path to enlightenment.  Making mistakes. Over -appetite.  Eating and/or drinking too much. Alcoholism. Winter.  The opposite of summery feelings. Fearlessness. Unawakened. Power. Greed. Dark thoughts or deeds. A crazed anger.  Seeing red. Not being seen as attractive. Limerance. Limerence. Base desires.  Dirty Money. Money laundering. Mob boss. Buyer beware.  Hark, who goes there?! A gate to hell.  Protection against psychic attacks. Psychic attacks. Animal magnetism.

Description & Analysis

The background of this tarot card is black and Grey, suggesting that the scene is taking place underground, in a cave, at night, and/or some place hidden. I’m also seeing there’s a puzzle or riddle to be solved in The Devil card.


The D-evil is perched on top of a rectangular black box, a pedestal.  He appears as half man, half goat beast (the animal symbol for Capricorn). And like a gargoyle, even. He has grey horns, wings, clawed bird feet, large pointy ears, crazy eyes (whites of eyes above and below showing), a beard, a frown, and an angry expression.  His upper torso is plump and his right hand is raised with thee distinct lines showing in his palms.  After writing up my own impressions, I went around the Internet to check out what others said.

Symbol in Hand

A lot of people are saying the lines in the Devil’s palm are the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) but it doesn’t look like any Capricorn sign that I know of. And so I thought maybe it’s Saturn they’re thinking of  but if that’s the case, the round loop is on the wrong side.  It’s supposed to be to the right of the cross and not to the left and it’s a tinier cross at the top.  It’s not supposed to look like a sign-post.  It also has a little finale. There’s a good case for the lines representing that sign or planet, since this card is under their domain, but I have another suggestion for what it represents.


Instead, as a palm reader, I see a long life line curling around the thumb, a blended heart and head line which creates a simian line, and a line coming straight up from near the mound of the Moon and ending just under the lines of communication and creativity (Mercury & the Sun). It’s most likely the Mercury line which is also known as the Science, Business, and/or Health line. Because the horizontal fold (simian line) connects the head and the heart, it can be hard for the individual to make decisions (especially around the matters of the heart) clearly yet they can be quite ambitious in getting what they want.  A single mindedness, and strong ego needs can drive them to succeed and often in business or science or industry that requires strong mental and energetic drive. There has also been a connection to chromosomal disorders such as Down’s syndrome, with the horizontal palmar line, as a high number of people with this syndrome have this line (the heart and head lines blended) compared to those not affected by it. Earth hands often have deep and strong head, heart, and life lines and The Devil’s hand is overal an Air (Mercury) hand but it has an Earth (Saturn) palm.

Next, we can see a space between two sets of fingers held closely together making a V sign like the Vulcan salute.  Some see this as a sign of benediction (as seen in the Hierophant) but I do not agree with this either. That sign has two fingers up  and two down. Anyway… The way the Devil holds his hand is like a secret sign or signal and reminds me of Hitler and the slogan, “Heil Hitler“. Many would say Hitler used his position to enslave and brainwash people.

In the Devil’s left hand, he holds a torch of fire upside down.

The Imps

Chained to the box are two naked figures — a  female and a male.  Their size is comparably smaller than the Devil. They have the appearance of imps, sprites, or minions with their mini horns, red hair, and tails (one tail of fruitful grapes and the other with fire of desire).  The chains are loosely around their necks.  The female imp seems to be aloof or awaiting command in a robotic way, and the male imp crocks his head to the right, holds out his hand towards the female while his other hand leans on his hip.  He has the appearance of a statue.

The Upside Down Pentacle

An image in the 1897 book “La Clef de la Magie Noire” by Stanislas de Guaita (reproduced on the front page of “A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural” by Maurice Bessy).The horned beast has an upside down pentacle sitting on top of his head.  Just as Adolph Hitler misused the Swastika — a symbol for good luck, the pentacle (protection, banishing evil spirits, as well as invocation.) used upside down is being misappropriated and is done for selfish ends. It also stops others from being protected and gives further strength to the Devil.

The highest point of the star being turned upside down and landing at his third eye (clairvoyant and psychic sight) gives this Devil more power to misuse magic — black magic.

As written in Wikipedia…


A goat’s head inscribed in a downward-pointing pentagram, from La Clef de la Magie Noire by the Rosicrucian Stanislas de Guaita (1897).

Satanists use a pentagram with two points up, often inscribed in a double circle, with the head of a goat inside the pentagram. This is referred to as the Sigil of Baphomet. They use it much the same way as the Pythagoreans, as Tartaros  literally translates from Greek as a “Pit” or “Void” in Christian terminology (the word is used as such in the Bible, referring to the place where the fallen angels are fettered). The Pythagorean Greek letters are most often replaced by the Hebrew letters לויתן forming the name Leviathan. Less esoteric LaVeyan Satanists use it as a sign of rebellion or religious identification, the three downward points symbolising rejection of the holy Trinity


Aleister Crowley also made use of the pentagram and in his Thelemic system of magick: an adverse or inverted pentagram represents the descent of spirit into matter, according to the interpretation of Lon Milo DuQuette.[32] Crowley contradicted his old comrades in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who following Levi considered this orientation of the symbol evil and associated it with the triumph of matter over spirit.

Chain or Cords

Recently I picked up a book called:  Cut Cords of Attachment by Rose Rosetree and I just clued in that the chains in this card could represent the “energy structures” that we attach to the past (Cancer) negative things,  people, and places that we need to cut.

A cord of attachment is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present.  Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like marionettes. ~ Rose Rosetree

Does that look familiar? The two figures chained to the pedastal. Also, Cancer connects to the past (4th house) and Capricorn to the future (10th house).

The chains can also connect to Astral Projection where a silver cord is thought to connect our spirit to our body.

The term, Silver Cord,  is derived from Ecclesiastes 12:6-12:7 in the Old Testament, KJV:

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

So the cords can be seen as either necessary to cut to release oneself from what no longer serves us or it may be necessary to keep to secure one’s body to the earth — grounding us in reality.

TRIKAYA & ABBA NARTOOMID: Kathleen Anne Miller says: Used alone Trikaya is a symbols for the astral body, which resembles our physical and is only a part of our soul.  It is connected to the physical body by a silver cord.  When we are asleep, our astral body is free to wander.  At the time of our death, the astral body leaves the physical, taking the conscious mind and experiences along with it.  Our astral body reflects the quality of our thoughts, emotions and deeds.

Abba Nartoomid is an energizer, like Ch Ku Rays.  However, Abba Nartoomid may be filled with astral qualities, which you wish to make physical.

These symbols were also given to me by Buddha.

In the second diagram we have the Star of David Pentacle attached to a crystal or light emanation from above (almost like a comet).

The Zodiac

Zodiac Sign : Polarity: Saturn Capricorn Opposite Cancer Moon. Has Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer themes. Polarity of Capricorn-Cancer themes of parents, care-taking, money, resources, and taking charge. The King, government, and corporations are represented in the house of Capricorn, the 10th house. Capricorn also stimulates Scorpio and vice versa so the Death & Devil cards are interconnected.


15. 1+5=6. = Sex, support, responsibility, physical matter, hedonism, healing, balance. . .

The number 6 is the mark of man and the number 6,6,6 is the mark of the beast (the devil).

Famous Capricorns

Ruled by the Devil’s influence.

  • David Bowie
  • Annie Lennox
  • Howard Hughes
  • Patty Smith
  • Tracy Ullman
  • Henri Matisse
  • J. Edgar Hoover
  • J.R. Tolkien
  • Jeanne Dixon
  • Elvis Presley
  • Kate Moss
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Howard Stern
  • Janis Joplin
  • Edgard Allan Poe
  • Al Capone
  • Paul Cezanne
  • Martin Luther King
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Rod Stewart
  • Mel Gibson
  • John Voight
  • Noel Tyl
  • Simone de Beauvoir
  • Crystal Gale
  • Richard  Nixon
  • Joan of Arc

What Others Say

My analysis of the Devil card brought me to a blogspot page about symbols, the occult, black magic, and the Nazi’s.

Leisa Refalo | Silver Cords

Some music that conveys the meaning of the Devil card…

Janis Joplin, Ball & Chain

Sitting down by my window,
Whoa, whoa, looking at the rain.
Whoa, down by my window, baby,
And all around me,
I said suddenly I felt the rain.
Somethin’ grabbed a hold of me, darling,
Honey, it felt to me, honey like, yeah, a ball and chain.
Oh honey, you know what I mean,
It just hurts me.

Say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, honey, it can’t be
Whoa, it can’t be, babe,
Said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, hey.
Whoa, baby, it just can’t be
Every time I want to reach out my hand.
No, no, no, no, no, babe, baby, never, no, no,
Never, never, no, no, no.
Here you gone today, but I wanted to love you, darling,
Oh, till the end of time,
Yeah! All right!

Love’s got a hold on me baby
Feels like a ball and chain.
Oh, love just draggin’ me down, yeah yeah yeah,
Feels like, honey sometimes it feels honey like a ball, yeah like a ball and a chain
Wonder why when I did the very best I could to love you
You wanted to leave me here, honey in so much pain
Come on, honey, I want you to tell me, please, yeah.

Say oh, oh, oh, oh,
Honey this can’t be
No, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Honey, this can’t be just because I want to want you
Does this mean I have to hide to cry, cry all the time ?
I just wanted to love you, darling,
Every day, oh, whoa, till the, to the very end, to the end of time,
Yeah, no no no no no, hit it!

Love’s got a hold on me, baby,
Feels like a ball and chain.
Oh, love’s holdin’ on to me,
Feels to me, oh like a ball and a chain
Honey somethin’ will grab around the knees, grab me in my heart,
Feels to me like a ball and a chain now,
Yeah, alright, yeah!

Say oh, oh oh oh,
Honey this can’t be
Tell me please what am I askin’ now,
It can’t be babe
I know it just can’t be, darling, no no.
Whoa whoa whoa, whoa darling don’t you feel me reachin’ out
Tell me, tell me, darling please
Tell, tell, tell me darling please, I’m gonna need it,
I want you to hear me baby
Tell me why, sometimes darling
I said sometimes I feel I got to know why
Sometimes I feel, honey, honey that I need to know why
I said baby when I ask you
I could use a little help sometime
When I say, I say tell me, come on man,
Tell me, tell me, babe,
Honey I never understood, why when I want to work my hands out,
I want to wear my hands out, I try the very best I can, babe
Why you always want to go, honey and let me down baby.
I said why I always wanna go, honey drag me around.
Seems like anything, it could be the telephone company man,
it could be the man I love, I always got something else going, you know what I mean ?
Over on the other side, say, not quite got it right this very minute.
I’m so sorry babe, I said I’m so very sorry babe,
But I never did promise you nothing, right ? I see what you mean.
Come on, man, now come on, that ain’t the name of it,
And that ain’t the end of it, you know what I mean.
Sometimes, it feels just about breaking things, you know what I mean.
Just like, just like a grave, just like a grave to call
Just like a cry to call.
Honey I never understood and I said please
Lord, I swear I never understood and I say please
I want you to help me, fill it up baby,
I want you to help me, I said allow me to hear
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please,
Honey make me understand why love just feels so heavy on me, darling,
Feels so bad on my back, babe,
Feels just like a ball,
Feels like a ball, ball, oh daddy feels like a ball,
And a chain.

Sum 41 – The Jester lyrics

A jester of sorts
You stand holding your court
Over minions of capital hill
In a bath full of blood
I’m alone, standing still
Under God, you can fire at will

And when (when! )
The devil’s angels come
Take your life and lead you
To the flames beneath
Your head stone reads here(hey! )
Lies the dead who was,
Hung by his head beneath us,
Laying in their graves,
To a nation free for all

A prodigal son
Can’t undo what he’s done
A figure head of capital crime
With a light shining down
As you fall to your knees
To repent would be nothing but lies

And when (when! )
The devil’s angels come
Take your life and lead you
To the flames beneath
Your head stone reads here (hey! )
Lies the dead who was,
Hung by his head beneath us,
Laying in their graves,
To a nation free for all

La la la la la la la la la la la (hey! ) (hey! )…

Dead beat
Six feet
Dead underground

An eye for an eye
Only leaves us all blind
Going once twice there goes your life

And when (when! )
The devil’s angels come
Take your life and lead you
To the flames beneath
Your head stone reads now (hey! )
Here lies the dead who was,
Hung by his head beneath us,
Laying in their graves,
To a nation free for all

Song lyrics | The Jester lyrics
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The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

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  • An anonymous person emailed me this…

    “Deviloooh aaaah that nasty card the DevilDo you remember the sinayg The
    Devil made me do it? well sometime we need to do the things that make
    you wanna say that. Yes there is a dark side to this card, just as there
    is a dark side to any card. Yet remember there is also a light side to
    this card as well.What are some other names that card 15 has been
    callPan, Illusion in some decks . I drew a DEVIL card yesterday and I
    did not like that at all. I never like it becasue I find it hard to see a
    light side to it and sometimes it confuses me, but I think this is a
    great card to start with. I think it’s one of the more challenging cards
    in any deck.”

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