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Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

On fire. Being dethroned. Drastic change. Divine Intervention. Being thrown out.  Forceful inventions. Forced actions. Experimenting. Destiny.  Unexpected destruction. Divine insights. Knowledge-driven insights. Explosions. House on fire. Being thrown out of the house. Accident. Flipping with excitement. Orgasm. Sexual explosion. Terrorism. Terrified. Heat.  Too hot. Crazed. Thoughtless actions.  Throwing out lust.  Throwing out stagnation. God’s will. Spiritual tears. Raining. Thunder. An upcoming challenge. The Opera. Burning down the house of God. Making things right. War on terror. Evil must be purged.  The wicked will be toppled.  Material bondage overthrown. Adultery. Smashing sin. Thyroid. Hormones. Antiseptic. Fire and brimstone. Life enhancing actions. Keeping one alive. Making one healthy. Destroying bacteria or virus.  Removing infection. A bad storm. Severe weather.  Severe weather changes. Destruction. Having the rug pulled out from under you.  A betrayal. Exposed. Defenseless. Being cut down from one’s perch. Spiritual purification. Starting all over again. Life is being taken away.  Taking back one’s worth. Taking back what belongs to you. Born again.  Reborn. Turning one’s beliefs over.  Necessary uprooting. Shaking up what is stagnant. Religious or spiritual change. A trip or fall.  Tower of Babel. A long distance trip that is full of activity and adventure.

Description & Analysis

The Justice, Devil, and Death cards connect to the Tower card. And while this card is associated with Mars, it has a Mars-Uranus (in disharmony… i.e. square, sesquisquare, opposition) feel to it.


Lightening strikes the top of the Tower causing a fire and a crown coming off.  It reminds me of boiling water and the lid blowing off because of over-boil.  We see fire coming from the top and three windows.  The Tower is seen again in the Moon card but there’s two this time.  The Tower represents to me being locked up… maybe even locked up for our sins or that our actions are hidden to us.  And here, God is shaking us out of our sleep or sinful fantasies.


There is a huge yellow crown. This can represent one of the Five crowns of the Christian God — perhaps the Crown of Life.  That makes me think of Crow Life Insurance. Or perhaps the crown signifie Kether, the crown and top of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life.


A man is dressed in a red overcoat, blue tunic, grey tight, and brown bots.  A woman is dressed in a blue dress and red shoes and wears a crown.  Both people are upside down with hands outstretched and going down towards an unseen ground.  It actually seems they may have some distance to travel from the Tower on the mountain. Perhaps the woman is the mistress of the man and they have been kicked out for committing adultery.


The Yod is the “tenth letter of many Semitic alphabets.” There are 22 (gematric value of 220) yellow Hebrew Yods floating down from the sky. It’s thought to meant ‘hand” or “arm”.  Therefore, we have the hands of God raining down in this card. Yod also signifies Iodine.  Iodine cleanses and purifies wounds.

Yod is in the Kabbalah understood to be the source of all the other
letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Its simple shape is thought to represent
droplets of sperm and the primal sparks of creation. Perhaps it is not
an accident that the shape of Yod actually does resemble a wriggling
sperm cell. Kabbalists believe that the letter Yod combined with itself
in various patterns composes every other Hebrew letter. It is thus the
source and the fulfillment of creation. This meaning is mirrored in the
symbolism of its number value, 10 which is magically 1 + 0.

The following table is from:

220 > 4 - 220 - 220 = 22x5x11
ReshYodChetBet chosen, choice one.
HayReshYodBetGimel mistress, queen.
YodReshZainGimel pr.n. “Precipice”.
ReshVauHayTet bright, clean, pure; unalloyed.
ReshChetBetYod pr.n. “He (God) Chooses”.
ReshKaf a Lamb; pasture, meadow-land; a battering ram; pillion or saddle; a
litter; a hollow or deep vessel; a dry and liquid measure — a cor = 10
ephahs = 11 1/4 bushells = 88 3/4 gallons.
MemYodLamedLamedAyinMem (780 w/f); works or deeds.
TzaddiYodPehMem (1030 w/f); a maul or war-club.
LamedAyinPehMem work.
HayPehTzaddiMemHay pr. n. “The Look-out”.
TzaddiTzaddiMem (1030 w/f); to suck out; to be unleavened.
MemYodLamedYodPehNun (780 w/f); giants.
TzaddiPehNun (1030 w/f); to break or smash; to scatter or drive about
a tempest or major storm.
AyinQofNun to loathe, to turn away.
NunSamekhNunSamekh (870 w/f); palm branch.
PehYodAyinSamekh (940 w/f); a cleft or fissure (in a rock); branch or bough.
PehPehSamekh (940 w/f); to collect or receive.
QofNunAyin to be narrow
collar or neck-chain; pr. n. “Giant”, Anak.

The Zodiac

Zodiac Sign / Planet:  Mars / Aries
Polarity: Mars Aries Opposite Juno / Venus Libra.  Polarity of  Aries-Libra themes of fairness, self and other, beauty and the beast.
Influenced by Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius
The 1st house.


16. 1+6=7. = Spirituality, analysis, philosophy, science, introspection, medicine, thought, musical compositions…
The number 7 is the mark of the mind and the number 777 is the mark of  the Divine Mind (God).

Famous People Influenced by the Tower

  • Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas
  • Jean Rostand
  • Ken Harrelson
  • Ottis Redding
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Timothy Leary
  • Alfred Nobel
  • Winston Spencer Churchill
  • Robert Arnoux
  • Damon Runyan
  • Achille Mauzan
  • Domitien
  • Otis Redding
  • E. E. Cummings
  • Saint John Bosco
  • B.o.B aka Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.
  • Virat Kohli
  • Albert Delpy

What Others Say

Some music that conveys the meaning of the Tower card

Sam Cooke — A Change is Gonna Come (also sung by Otis Redding)

I was born by a river, oh my
In this little old town
Just like this river
I’ve been running ever since
It’s been alone
Lord, I’m coming but I know, but I know
That changes gotta come, now
Ou yes it is, my oh my oh my oh my
It’s been too hard livin’, oh my
And I’m afraid to die
I don’t know what’s up there
Beyond the clouds
It’s been alone
Lord I’m coming but I know, but I know
That changes gotta come
Oh yes it is, my oh my oh my
There’s a time
I will go to my brother, oh my
I would ask my brother
Will you help me please, oh now oh now
He turned me down
And then I asked my little mother, oh my oh
I said mother, I said mother
I’m down on my knees
It’s been time that I go
Lord it’s too late
Very long, oh now oh
Somehow I thought I was still able
To try to carry on
It’s been alone
Lord I’m coming but I know
That changes gonna come
Oh yes it is
Huh, just like I said
I went to my little baby brother, oh my, my little brother
I asked my brother, brother help me please, oh now
He turned me down
And then I go to my little mother, my dear mother, oh now, huh
I said mother, I said mother I’m down on my knees
But there was a time that I go
Lord it’s too late
So very long, oh my oh
Somehow I thought I was still able
To try to carry on
It’s been alone
Lord I’m coming but I know, but I know
That changes gotta come, ou
It’s been so long, It’s been so long
A little too long
But changes gotta come
So tired, so tired of suffering
Standing by myself
Has given up a home
But changes gotta come
You know, you know that I know
And I know that you know
Honey, That a change is gonna come, oh now, oh my
I gotta…
©Psychic Jasper
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The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

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