4 - The Emperor

4 - The Emperor

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Keywords & Phrases

I’m the man. I’m feeling angry or a bit peeved at your presence. I’m ready for action. I’m showing you that if you are ready to fight, I am too. I am a king. I’m mature, wise, yet physically fit. I’m dominant and I will dominate you if we go there. I represent the father figure and male essence. You can embarrass me, my sense of honour, and that raises my blood pressure. I’ll do as I will.  I’m above it ALL.


Emperor of the Romans

Charles the Great was likely born on any of these dates: 1 April 747, 15 April 747, or 1 April 748, in Herstal and this makes him an Aries.

A mature and strong man with a long white beard and hair sits upon a throne hardened concrete or is it steel? In the background he see rocky mountains and red hues reminding of lands that are dry and possibly fruitless. You can’t get much out of the land and you won’t get much out of the Emperor either.

His body is fit and strong so why the grey hair? The white hair tells us of long and stressful battles that turned his hair grey before his time yet gave him much wisdom about warfare. It also shows that he’s got the upper hand at all times because his mind is in fact stronger than his very strong body. He can outwit you. But if you keep the noise down, he will too. It’s a fine point of balance between making a move and sitting back at the ready. Is that a full armour underneath his red cloak of passion, fire, sexual authority, aggression? Looks like it. From the tips of his toes to his wrists, with weapons to wield in his hands if need be.

What are those weapons in his hand? They are yellow, perhaps gold? God represents wealth, even spiritual wealth. On the left he holds a long scepter and at the point in the shape of an Ankh. This represents his everlasting power. On the right, in his left hand, he holds a globe (the globe that is on the Empress’ scepter), an orb that represents earth and with the cross representing Christ’s dominion. But the cross is removed in this card.  What does that mean? The globe can represent that he has the world in his hands, perhaps his world is the Empress. The two objects together, the globe with its feminine energy and the scepter with its masculine, represents possibility for unity and balance. These two items can also represent his tools of war. If you don’t watch out, he will shot-put you or smack you over the head with the stick!

We see the heads of rams at the corners of the chair. This indicates Aries, and this animal is protected. The Emperor protects us but that’s if he sees you as his own. If you are not his, be aware and afraid. Better to join him than fight him.
The Empress is his wife; however, they are both cardinal signs. She is Cancer; he Aries. They know how to rule their respective roosts and in large part leave each other alone in their well-defined roles.


The Zodiac

Polarity: Mars, Aries. Venus, Libra. Share some energy from Venus, Taurus and Mercury, Virgo.

Timeline, Age, Role

36-46 but looks as mature as 60 due to the grey hair. Royalty. Head of the household. Numerology 4. Structure, organization, planning, strategist, architecture, teaching, counseling, compartmentalizing.


©Psychic Jasper
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Keywords & Phrases:

Just. Righteous indignation. Menacing energy. Cold hard truth. Nerves of steel. Dominion. Crusader. Tyrannical. Action without planning. Moving mountains. Condescending communication. High self-esteem.


The journey has been difficult and there is still much to do to prepare for the future. An old spirit sits in a granite crafted ram’s throne. Held in his right hand is a golden ankh and in his left the holy hand grenade. He commands respect with his presence and is able to rationalize emotions by not being a victim. He is The Emperor.


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  • Secordlaura says:

    He is the sovereign authority of earth and cosmos. The majestic throne he sits upon is adorned with the ram. Determination rules in his book. Red robes reflect that he is the life blood of the people, and the Emperor possesses a charisma that is a blend between Father Christmas and Henry VIII.

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