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Keywords & Phrases

Blending.  Ready to make a decision.  Ready to follow orders. Love support. Connecting with someone not of one’s kind.  Destiny.  Sexual love.  Two becomes one and then hopefully a third is born.  United or separated.  Pregnant with twins. A Spiritual marriage.  Divine harmony between two souls.


A naked female and male stand facing forward with open arms.  The female is looking up at archangel Raphael (also known as cupid) as if to say, “I’m waiting for your instructions on what to do next”, “Is  this the man I should be with?” Meanwhile, the male is looking towards the female with some concern but ready to stay or go upon her command.  This image is one of Adam and Eve.  Behind Eve is the Tree of Forbidden fruit with a green snake wrapping around it.  Behind Adam is the Tree of Fire.  In the background we have what appears to be a mountain though I often see it as a volcano that might suddenly erupt. Raphael — who has arms wide open covering both the male and female — is dressed in silky purple robes with red wings of passion.  His head appears to have flames of fire erupting and behind him is the sun which I interpret as the Creator, God, or Ra.  He seems to have come out of nowhere upon the divine will of God to see if this woman and man should be united as they appear to want have happen.  In fact, they appear ready to have sex and procreate but only upon approval.


The Zodiac

Polarity: Mercury, Gemini. Jupiter, Sagittarius.  Share some energy from Venus, Taurus / Libra.  Numerology 6.  Extended family, sex, interconnection, support, assistance, comfort, home, domestic activities.

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role

Serious Relationships.  Young adult.


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Keywords & Phrases:





The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

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