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Divinatory Keywords & Phrases

Having the strength and courage to do what’s right.  Giving up the ego so one can reach a higher place. Being gentle when someone’s ego is bruised.  Living life to the fullest, not squandering a moment to what others say is the right thing to do.  Being of service to those that have a hard time helping themselves.  Handling one’s pain and agony in a gentle and moderate fashion.  Being magnanimous. Chastity.  Keeping one’s sexual, primal drives in-check. Giving someone who has hurt you, a second chance.  That someone can even be you!  Not giving up when challenged even if the challenge appears insurmountable.  Things do not come easy but strength to endure and overcome obstacles is on one’s side.  Working with those less fortunate. Caring for those we love.


A woman and the lion instinct

A woman, dressed in white (representing purity and spirituality) with a wreath of roses around her waist and head, bends over softly with clarity, vision, and purpose.  She seems to understand the wild and what-appears-to-be wounded animal instinct. The woman seems to say with her touch: “Now, now, we will make it all better” and that soothes the red lion’s spirit.  The lion’s tail is between his legs, possibly suggesting being apologetic about a wrong-doing.

She has a Lemniscate / eternity symbol hovering over her head, while four leaves point upwards.  This seems to say that something about reincarnation of the body or the body will withstand time and all trials.  And that however long it will take, it will take.  Strength comes in being patient and displincing oneself.

With the polarity of Leo-Aquarius themes of freedom, control, individuality, and creativity are in flux.  Do I allow you to control me?  Are you controlling me?  Am I being controlled, if I let you control me?  This isn’t just about people, it’s about things, philosophy, the mind…  Sometimes giving in can indicate strength.  Such as it takes a person with courage to say they are sorry and mean it.


Personal Reflections

When I first came across strength, I found it very hard to understand. Hard to believe since I’m a Leo. Then I got into the Thoth deck and it was labeled Lust and it was still hard to understand. As I continued to work with TarotSeek I began to gain a better understanding of it. Strength is about (amongst other things) discipline, not restriction. It’s about taming one’s inner or outer beast. To hold oneself in a dignified way. To be vulnerable with someone or something that can be considered of a lesser character, ability, state, or being. Being the 8th card, it can mean being able to ride the wave of power and dark desires. Having a handle on the unruliness of emotion and personality… etc…

The Zodiac

Based on Cancer ruling: Polarity: Sun Leo Opposite Uranus Aquarius.  Has Cancer, Virgo, and Libra in it.


8. Power, wealth, and health.  Managing resources, people, animals, etc.  Being able to get others and things to do what you want (manipulating). Business.

11. Higher Wisdom.  Co-operation, negotiating.  Volunteering. Visionary. Spiritual Guru…

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role

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Keywords & Phrases:





The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

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