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©Psychic Jucy aka Abella Arthur
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Keywords & Phrases

Waiting to make a move.  Moving to another home. Going somewhere.  Taking a short trip away from home. About to travel but undecided which direction to take. Letting the heavens guide you. Thinking about one’s next move.  Finding a spiritual cure.  Needing to be with one’s tribe.  Waiting for the night to fall. Being clear about one’s ambitions and plans before moving ahead.  Weighing risks.  Indecision.  Having to make a choice.  Frozen in action.  Waiting for the day to turn to night. Frustration that one is stuck with no other options.


In the background we see two clusters of castles on either side of a chariot. It seems as if the chariot and person have left the village / birth place and has just come off the mote bridge, not quite ready to take the next plunge.

The Chariot & Person

The blond person (around 30, perhaps going through his Saturn Return) appears to be cemented into the chariot. They are not going anywhere yet have left to go somewhere.  The wheels of wisdom are painted yellow and the curtains blue with white stars. on the front of the “boxed” chariot we see a red dreidl within a shield, blue wings, and a yellow circle perhaps signaling the sun or Ra. The wings & the circle have a “Egyptian” feel to it.  I often view this set as “first aid” and the chariot as “an ambulance”. A much needed healing is to occur. Sitting in front on the chariot, on grass, are two sphinxes:  one black and one white.  Their tails appear to be tucked under their bellies.  They are not going anywhere.  In fact, it appears they have been sitting there for a long time.

The Person & Clothing

The person is dressed in light armor and wears a crown. Two moons on his shoulder pad, perhaps represents the sign of Cancer and can indicate using good intuition on one’s shoulders and having family protect you spiritually when you are away from them.  This could represent royalty on a mission of re-claiming his subjects in a peaceful manner. His arm bands end in a shell-shape.  Around his waist is a belt of the zodiac (zodiac belt) and skirt has many symbols. On his breastplate is a white square which can represent the Earth Tattva and suggests delays, restrictions, keeping one’s emotions in-check, getting ready for obstacles and hurdles to overcome.  He holds a long stick with a candle type flame at the end.


The Zodiac

Some say this card is ruled by Cancer, others by Sagittarius.  If we go in the order of astrology, this card would be Cancer.
Based on Cancer ruling: Polarity: Moon Cancer, Saturn Capricorn. Share some energy from Mercury-Gemini & Sun-Leo.
Based on Sagittarius ruling: Polarity: Jupiter, Sagittarius. Mercury, Gemini. Share some energy from Mercury-Virgo & Sun-Leo.


7. Introspection, analysis, philosophy, solitude, criticism, precision, wisdom, separation, the God or Buddha within, spirituality, religion, science

Milestone, Archetype, Age, or role

Moving. 29/30 Saturn Return. [/spoiler]

©Psychic Jasper aka Ryan Arthur
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Keywords & Phrases:





The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

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