5 - The Hierophant

5 - The Hierophant

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Keywords & Phrases

Traditions. Institutions. Marriage. The Occult.  Hidden knowledge.  Knowledge only for those of a hidden or special group.  Hear me.  I will tell you the facts and truth of this ancient knowledge.  Listening to someone who knows.  Speaking to those who want to get the key message. Passionate belief. I will teach you traditional methods and ways to learn.  The past is kept alive.  Learn from me.


No ordinary people are in this room.  There’s almost a sense that the room they are in is in a basement or enclosed space with no windows. An imposing figure presents themselves in the middle of the card between two pillars and on a raised platform while two monk-like men flank the figure on either side looking ahead.  The figure appears an authority on a subject and in this case the authority figure is a priest, priestess, or clergy person.  The clergy person’s robe is red with three crosses down the middle.  His crown is golden and three tiered.  He holds a staff or rod, perhaps a divining rod in one hand and raises his other hand with a sign of benediction.


The Zodiac

Polarity: Venus, Taurus.  Pluto, Scorpio.  Share some energy from Mercury, Gemini.


5. Teaching, activity, philosophy, writing, physical rules, traveling.

Timeline, Age, Role

47-50.  Keeper of old knowledge.  [/spoiler]

©Psychic Jasper aka Ryan Arthur
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Keywords & Phrases:





The Zodiac


Timeline, Age, Role

TBA [/spoiler]

Now Your Turn to Reply :)


Card Prompts

In tarot, there is no right or wrong just difference. If you allow yourself to just write down your impressions without worrying about whether you are right or not you will find impressions to be bang-on.

1.Who, what, why, when, where, and how?
2.What do you see?
3.What sticks out first?
4.There’s a story or allegory in every picture card. What is the story telling you?
5.What is the symbolism of colour and object in the picture?
6.Who are the people in the card? Why are they there? What are they doing?
7.What is the message of the card?
8.Where is the scene taking place?
9.When will it happen?

Describe the card, add some keywords or phrases to your replyLet us know what you think the card means, what it’s all about.  It’s your interpretation of the tarot card meaning and if your interpretation is sincere it will be Accurate, Right, and True.  You can not go wrong!

Remember to include your experience with tarot and your correct email address (it won’t be published).  You can post as many times as you like AND edit your reply in case a mistake was made, want to add to your post, etc.. so it doesn’t have to be perfect now!! Anyway, tarot is ever evolving, ever-changing… Thanks. :)

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  • Rosieatwork says:

    Sitting in judgement – as if in a courtroom
    Crown – royalty
    Columns set the mood of formality
    Red cloak – warm or hot, powerful
    3 crosses on the front of cloak – faith, belief
    hand gesture implies having to wait – makes me think of patience, as in decision making. Stop and think.
    Gold Staff – light, energy, the sun or a golden rod (prod?)

    the two men – below or at the feet of the woman
    one in blue, the other red (opposites like cool/warm colours)
    Gold/Yellow bands on the mens backs – resemble a similar pattern to the staff in hand. They look like pathways.

    Keys – cannot make out the symbols on the keys exactly. One looks like a circle (circle of life, a wheel). The other an “x” = crossroads.

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