This blog is for the purpose of collating the collective wisdom of visitors who have not yet read much (if anything at all about tarot), novices, hobbyists, and professionals.

We’ll post a description of each tarot card, keywords, other stuff and invite you to reply in kind.  We will help you get started by prompting on how to go about reading a tarot card in the first place.

Yes, YOU have the right to read tarot.  No, you don’t have to be a professional reader or have studied it for years to be able to read the meaning of a tarot card.  Be a part of something really special by adding your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings of what a card might represent.

But no cheating.  Only original content from your brain to ours (meaning, write in your own words rather than copying and pasting what others say). :)

About Your Tarot Card Meanings Guide

A warm welcome to you! My name is Psychic Jucy, a certified professional tarot reader CPTR under the name Abella Arthur. I fell in love with Tarot in 1996 and I come from a long line of readers. Since 2005, I have read tarot professionally. Unless reading at an event or party, I give readings by phone. I find this is convenient for my clients and it's a pure and accurate read. What I do in the world of all things divine.. I read by phone. I'm well skilled in tarot, astrology, and numerology. I also read at events. Visit my main consultation page: Readings By Phone, FAQ, and Subscribe for a FREE reading.

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